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LATEST NEWS! We are currently crowdfunding our first physical release, which will be a compilation double CD of Classwar Karaoke artists. If you wish to support us, you can purchase downloads from a special bandcamp site, here: https://classwarkaraoke.bandcamp.com/ There are already almost 40 albums to choose from, by some of the best artists in the experimental scene.


Founded in 2008, Classwar Karaoke is a label dedicated to the release of experimental music and short-films; principally, by means of a series of ongoing quarterly surveys, made available via this page & hosted by sites such as the FMA Free Music Archive, Internet Archive,
Facebook, under Creative Commons license 3.0.
All material remains the property of the respective artists and is offered for free download in line with this license. The Surveys published so far feature artists from all over the world; and the material in toto represents significant documentation of the experimental scene itself. Involvement in the project has helped spawn many fruitful collaborations, live-shows and a vibrant exchange of ideas; so much so that, for several repeat-participants,
Classwar Karaoke is as much a collective as it is a community and also a mechanism for the release of new material.

If you are interested in participating, please explore here in the first instance in order to establish whether your material fits, stylistically and in terms of outlook.
General enquiries, submissions of audio, film, images and text should be sent to:

mail [AT] classwarkaraoke DOT com or by using our Submission form.

Best wishes,

Anthony Donovan & Jaan Patterson


Classwar Karaoke in Partnership with FMA